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Wholesale Rice Distributors Setting Quality Standard
If you are a business that sells top quality rice, then Super Asia Food & Spices is a one-stop solution that can meet all your need. We are the reliable wholesale rice distributors based in Toronto, Canada that offer you the best quality rice. We don’t claim to be the best, once you deal with us, you will understand our standard.
Rice distributors in Vancouver – The rising popularity
There are a number of reasons that have listed us among the top rice distributors in Vancouver. Get to know the reasons behind our rising popularity –

  • We offer the best quality rice to the businesses.
  • There is the largest selection of rice varieties available in our store. So, one can buy different rice varieties for their shop.
  • One can get all our products at a very competitive price.
  • We have over 10 years of reputation in this field.
  • We offer our products to all the businesses, irrespective of their sizes. Be it supermarkets, ethnic grocery shops, cash & carry stores or restaurants, we offer our services with ease.
 In case you are a food retailer or you want to be a part of our rice distributors’ network, please contact us today.